Announcing DevTools for Tauri

December 6, 2023

Web browser devtools are great and a staple of the web experience for any maker, the same really can’t be said about native code though: debugging issues in your Tauri apps Rust components often amounts to a mess of dbg or println statements, manual testing and guesswork.

We want Tauri to be a tool that helps you build better apps faster and that includes improving the way you troubleshoot issues.

And improving we did: for the last couple of months we have been building on a new development tool purpose-built for the Tauri community: CrabNebula DevTools which I’m happy to announce we are releasing for public preview today!

Devtools for Tauri is designed to provide real-time visibility into your app, allowing you to quickly spot and address issues as they occur, here’s a short overview of the features we are launching with:


The Console tab helps you troubleshoot errors and warnings, with instant jump-to-source features.

Screenshot of the console tab


The Calls tab displays detailed information about Command calls, IPC communication, and resource usage lets you identify performance bottlenecks, and optimization opportunities and dig deep into the inner workings of your app.

Screenshot of the calls tab


And lastly the Config tab lets you inspect your Tauri configuration and identify problems with it quickly.

Screenshot of the config tab

We’re opening Devtools for Preview, and we’d love for you to try it out, give feedback and help us make Devtools for Tauri work for you.

The team and I are committed to building this app in public. This means we will be hosting Q&A sessions, providing regular progress updates, and live-streaming as we develop. Most activities will be happening on our discord server , so please join us there!

Roadmap & Pricing

We want to be very transparent about this: DevTools will be completely free during the Preview period with a paid tier being introduced next year. We don’t know the details on this quite yet (feel free to make your voice heard on this topic too) but we will finalize the pricing later next year.

Last but not least, I want to thank the Tauri working group for testing this tool ahead of time, but especially you, the Tauri community, without whom we wouldn’t be here building tools like this. We hope you are as excited about DevTools for Tauri as we all are. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Jonas Kruckenberg
Jonas Kruckenberg Research & Development