Announcing our Capture the Flag Challenge: broken-navigator

February 15, 2024

Security is crucial to CrabNebula and is baked into the company’s DNA. Today, we are excited to announce a community effort to help everyday engineers level up their security awareness and knowledge through a capture the flag-style challenge called broken-navigator.

Learn more in the following video.


We’re excited to see the community increase their skills while solving these issues and would love to incentivize it. To this end, we are tying this initiative together with a giveaway. Here are the prizes up for grabs:

  • Third prize: a swag box containing stickers + CrabNebula branded candy + 3 months of community access to CrabNebula Cloud
  • Second prize: third prize + a Nova-branded t-shirt (as in the above video), and 6 months of community access to CrabNebula Cloud
  • First prize: second prize + a Nova plushie, and 1 year of community access to CrabNebula cloud

To participate in the giveaway, follow the following steps:

  1. Fork the repository.

  2. Play the challenges (compile and run the code).

  3. Find the flags (there is 1 per challenge).

  4. Share your flag on social media, mentioning us on 𝕏, LinkedIn, or our other social channels @-mentioning our account. You can use the following format as inspiration:

    I just solved challenge #1 from the capture the flag project by @CrabNebulaDev and found the flag! It’s [flag] #brokenNavigatorCTF

We will then inspect your flags and enter you into a raffle to win these prizes! The result? You:

  • Level up your security skills
  • Build safer apps
  • Win great prizes

We look forward to your participation!

Tejas Kumar
Tejas Kumar Director of Developer Relations