Corporate Social Responsibility

June 8, 2023

As an organization that fundamentally believes in doing the right thing and empowering people to find their own path toward success and fulfillment, CrabNebula has a strong sense of social responsibility. This also guides us to give back to the communities we inhabit, and we achieve this in a number of ways.

Company Culture

We believe our first duty is to our team itself. This is why we are a 4-workday per week company. This does not mean we cram the hours of 5 days into 4. But we definitely don’t slack off, rather we work focused and intentionally. We have found that our shortened week makes us more productive because we don’t have the time for spurious meetings or the schedule to put off what we can do right now. Combining this with a 100% remote work policy and generous vacation time, our team has a thriving work-life balance.

Open Source

Tauri Logo

CrabNebula’s team comes from the open source ecosystem and has deep ties to the Tauri project. This is exemplified by the number of the engineers employed by CrabNebula, who dedicate their working time to building and maintaining the core of Tauri itself. For us, open source is a common good, maintained by a small group of, generally unpaid, volunteers. As a company that is convinced of the inherent value of the Tauri community, we believe in finding as many ways as possible to give back to it.

Surrounding Community

UoM Logo

Despite being 100% remote, CrabNebula calls Malta home. We are committed to the next generation of engineers, and we understand the position of industry in supporting education. This is why we have sponsored the University of Malta’s Faculty of Information & Communication Technology. We have not only committed financial support, but will also offer guidance in the realms of security and application design, and hope to provide internships and work opportunities for these young learners to gain first experiences in the industry.

Birgu Regatta Club Logo

As a registered Maltese company, we take a great deal of pride in our small Mediterranean Island. For us, the Maltese community is an extended part of our family. We are proud of our “hometown” of Birgu, we feel it is important to support our community’s sporting activities. Therefore, we are a sponsor of the Birgu Regatta Club. This outstanding rowing club competes against the other teams from surrounding three cities in two races per year in the Grand Harbor.

Open Source Ecosystem

Conference Logo Grid

We truly believe it is not just what you say, but how you say it. While attending face-to-face conferences such as Rust Nation, EuroRust, JSNation, or RustConf, we love to distribute swag. We strive to make sure our goods are as responsible as we are. We have sourced pens made from recovered ocean-bound plastic and chocolate bars made from rescued chocolate. Likewise, we also have awesome re-usable glass bottles and for those needing more power we have recycled to-go coffee cups. Our hats are made from organic cotton, and even our little information cards are climate neutral. We strive to make sure that our products say what we stand for.

While it might seem obvious, we are very vocal about the fact that smaller apps play a very real part in reducing the energetic impact of the IT industry as a whole. We work to empower developers at every step of their journey. That starts with enabling developers to possess better access and ownership over their apps’ data and, in-turn, offer their users better security and privacy through local-first principles. We strive to streamline their processes and speed up the development lifecycle, while shipping the smallest binaries available in the ecosystem. We believe this is in and of itself the most responsible corporate action.

If you’d like to learn about how you can use local-first apps to reduce your global energetic impact, reach out to our Consulting team. We’d love to hear what you’re working on and how we can help with our collective mission of making the world a better place.

Elizabeth Duck
Elizabeth Duck Chief Operating Officer