Open Positions

Sales Development Representative (SDR)

Permanent employee, Full or part-time, Remote

About the Role:

We at CrabNebula actively contribute to open-source projects to strengthen our communities and ecosystems. We are seeking an experienced and passionate Sales Development Representative to join our team. This is a technical domain, at a start-up scale. Our customers are engineers, engineering leadership, business and product stakeholders - all distributed globally. We are looking for diverse, inquisitive individuals that above all enjoy solving customer's problems with our amazing product offerings. We're interested in the right mindset over previous experience; the way you approach a customer, and build relationships is more important than what you've done before (or where). You don't need to be able to fulfil all of the requirements, just articulate how your transferable skills can apply to this opportunity. We are an equal-opportunity employer, but also would like to directly encourage someone seeking a part-time position and mother's wishing to return to the work-force to apply.

What you'll do:

  • Developing sales strategies to draw in potential buyers or to solicit new potential customers. 
  • Initiating contact with potential customers through cold-calling or responding to inquiries generated from advertisements.
  • Creating relationships with customers to identify their potential needs and qualify their interests and viability to drive sales.
  • Presenting product information to customers once you have identified their needs.
  • Moving solid leads through the marketing funnel, connecting them to a salesperson, and arranging in-person meetings, emails, or phone calls.
  • Following up with potential customers who expressed interest but did not purchase any goods or services.
  • Performing regular follow-up calls or emails and facilitating communication with existing customers to ensure their satisfaction and identify new potential needs.
  • Collaborating with our CEO to ensure the company's goals and targets are met.

About you:

  • A technical mindset Experience with Tauri and or app development (can also be a hobby)
  • You understand the basics CI/CD and SDLC (software development lifecycle)
  • Able to discuss & contribute (not lead) technical discussions with engineers and stakeholders
  • Clear, succinct written and verbal communication internally and externally (in English)
  • You are extroverted and enjoy starting conversations with people you do not know
  • Motivated and driven to speak directly with decisions makers and make sales

P.S. We really like personalised letters.

Who are we?

CrabNebula is a company built on the vision of enabling individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses to sustainably build, develop and distribute their multi-platform apps to mass audiences.

Why us?

Our company culture and values are rooted in privacy, security, and sustainability.We believe in open source and transparency. We work to lower the barrier of development and to make building and shipping an app accessible for everyone!
We're a global team distributed across 13 countries and 16 time zones.

At CrabNebula we offer a blazingly competitive career package with:

  • 100% Remote work contract    
  • 4 day (full-time) work week    
  • 6 weeks paid vacation    
  • Transparent and competitive salaries    
  • Your country-specific benefits    
  • The opportunity to relocate to Malta or another country where we can support your visa :)
If this sounds like something you're interested in being a part of then reach out to us! We're excited to meet you.