Open Positions

Dream Job

Permanent employee, Full-time, Remote

About the Role:

If you love Tauri and what we do, want to join our team and can’t quite see a job that quite fits - we still want to hear from you!

What you'll do:

Send in your CV with a cover letter to tell us why you want to come on board and what you could bring to our start-up.

About you:

Whilst we may not be hiring for a relevant position in your field right away, this is the best way to get on our radar.

P.S. We really like personalised letters.

Who are we?

CrabNebula is a company built on the vision of enabling individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses to sustainably build, develop and distribute their multi-platform apps to mass audiences.

Why us?

Our company culture and values are rooted in privacy, security, and sustainability.
We believe in open source and transparency. We work to lower the barrier of development and to make building and shipping an app accessible for everyone!

We're a global team distributed across 9 countries and 16 time zones.

At CrabNebula we offer a blazingly competitive career package with: 

  1. 100% Remote work contract
  2. 4 day (full time) work week
  3. 6 weeks paid vacation
  4. Transparent and competitive salaries  
  5. Your country-specific benefits 
  6. The opportunity to relocate to Malta or another country where we can support your visa :)  
If this sounds like something you're interested in being a part of then reach out to us! We're excited to meet you.