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Utilize our global infrastructure.

We understand the challenges of delivering software to a global audience, especially when it comes to the final mile of updating the app. We’ve all been there.

Our platform will help you distribute updates to all of your users on all platforms seamlessly and efficiently.

Seamless Integrate into your workflow
Release Optimize update frequency
Distribute Reach your unique audience
Monitor Evaluate delivery statistics

“CrabNebula Cloud is an innovative solution that greatly improves how updates can be managed and distributed for Tauri apps. It integrates nicely with any avid GitHub users workflow in a familiar feeling interface, allowing developers to focus more on innovation and less on backend complexities. A game-changer for Tauri developers!”

Simon Hyll @SimonHyll

“One thing I missed in the Rust ecosystem was a standard for app distribution. And I believe that the Rust community now has a solid choice for such task, thanks to CrabNebula Cloud. It is easy to use, secure and will be framework-agnostic.”

Marc Espín @mkenzo_8

“We're super thrilled to no longer rely on Github releases for distributing our app. The product is growing very quickly, and there are so many CI + distribution features we were worried we had to implement ourselves (nightlies, dogfooding, etc).”

Luke Igel @lukeigel

“Improving the DX for publishing and updating applications has been difficult to improve in the Tauri framework. CrabNebula is climbing that mountain so developers can focus on delivering their features, and not on accidentally breaking the packaging. So excited to see this streamlined experience!”

Jacob Bolda @jacobbolda
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