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May 2, 2024May 3, 2024

SecretOps for StartUps Using 1Password

Mya Pitzeruse
Mya Pitzeruse Director of Platform

DevOps Days Austin

Austin, TX, USA

About the Speaker

Mya is an Engineering Director @ CrabNebula. She is a Jill of many trades, expert at some. An avid hockey player and has been playing since she was 7. When she’s not working or on the ice, she’s usually spending time with her kid doing a number of activities or outside working on the yard.


When you’re a small company with a handful of operationally minded folks, it can be hard to justify investing in the more advanced security solutions with limited time and funding. While tools like SOPS provide a simple alternative, they have some inherent tradeoffs that can complicate its usage and auditing process. In this talk, I will discuss and demonstrate advantages to using a tool like 1Password, something most (if not all) people at your company should be using, to manage operational secrets at different scales.