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February 16, 2023February 17, 2023

Booth, Talk, Workshop: Rust Nation

Daniel Thompson-Yvetot
Daniel Thompson-Yvetot Chief Executive Officer
Jonas Kruckenberg
Jonas Kruckenberg Research & Development
Robin van Boven
Robin van Boven Platform
Wu Yu-Wei
Wu Yu-Wei Research & Development
Lorenzo Lewis
Lorenzo Lewis

Talk: “Tauri” by Daniel

Daniel’s talk delved into a fascinating journey through generational shifts in software development, highlighting the unique “cheatcode” each generation has employed to tackle challenges and the enduring legacy it leaves behind. He explored how developers’ learning paths vary with age, emphasizing that regardless of experience, we all feel a bit “Rusty” at times.

Transitioning to a discussion on Tauri, Daniel showcased its open and inclusive working group, fostering a supportive environment where learners evolve into educators. He offered a comprehensive overview of Tauri’s mechanics, project structure, and build processes. Daniel also touched on the critical topic of security while infusing the presentation with a sprinkle of humor through a couple of well-placed dad jokes, ensuring both engagement and enlightenment for his audience.

Workshop: “Hands-on with Tauri & Yew” by Jonas

Throughout this interactive workshop, attendees were guided step-by-step in constructing a Tauri application from initialization to release build. Along the journey, they initiated a Tauri app utilizing the create-tauri-app tool, employed the Yew framework to craft a user interface seamlessly integrated within Rust, and gained insights into the crucial significance of secure and optimized applications for both users and the environment. Participants grasped the mechanics behind Tauri harnessing Rust’s robust type system to enhance reliability, the performance benefits of utilizing async Rust, and the advantages of leveraging the Rust compiler to generate smaller, more optimized applications for enhanced user experiences.

Jonas on stage beginning his slides, with developers in the audience booting up their laptops.
A full-room view of the workshop, with dozens of developers listening to Jonas.


Robin standing in front of a large banner that says "CrabNebula. Every byte matters."
Jonas sitting behind the CrabNebula booth that has lots of swag to pick up.
The team smiling from behind the CrabNebula booth.
Viewing the CrabNebula booth from further away, next to other booths and groups of people talking.
The Rust Nation UK booklet showcasing CrabNebula as a partner.