Announcing DevTools Premium

May 28, 2024

Building good applications is like precision machining: You need high-quality, reliable tools to get the job done right.

We’re delighted by the excitement and community support that has built around DevTools for Tauri since its release last year. Today, we’re taking things even further with DevTools Premium, our newest, most capable debugging tool.

Companion Video: Launching DevTools Premium: Profile, Debug, Inspect Your Tauri Apps. Watch Atila go over all the new features and how to use them.

With DevTools Premium you can examine your Tauri applications with remarkable precision and unlock never seen before performance. Featuring the Embedded Mode and its optimized integration with Tauri as well as a standalone desktop application DevTools Premium fits right into your workflow.

Take a look:

Screenshot of the embedded mode in a Tauri app

Embedded Mode brings the capabilities of DevTools Premium right into your apps, integrated as a special tab you can access all of DevTools just like the browser-builtin one. The integration can of course be removed in release builds.

Screenshot of the standalone application

The standalone desktop application will serve as the powerful foundation for future, even more advanced capabilities.

Try It Out Today

You can sign up for a CrabNebula Cloud account today, to access our new, most powerful debugging tool for Tauri to-date. For more information, check out the docs.

We’d love for you to give feedback and help us make Devtools for Tauri work for you.We will be hosting Q&A sessions, providing regular progress updates, and live-streaming as we develop. Most activities will be happening on our discord server, so please join us there!


  • What about the existing version?
    The existing Open Source version is going nowhere, it will continue to receive updates and fixes but more advanced features will only be available for DevTools Premium.
Jonas Kruckenberg
Jonas Kruckenberg Research & Development